Tuesday 13 December 2011

Beachy Head – "Christmas Jumper"

A couple of weeks a particularly unfunny beer name made the national news. Beachy Head Brewery's "Christmas Jumper". 

A "jumper" is the word in East Sussex used for someone who kills, or attempts to kill, themselves by jumping from the 530ft cliffs.

Roger Green from the brewery has defended the name as "derived from the woolly jumpers that Santa wears." Really? Where in Santa mythology is there anything about him wearing woolly jumpers? 

Apparently "It started life as a pump clip in one of the pubs with Santa in a jumper." Well, it may well have done, but it is unlikely the locals were unaware of the alternative interpretation of the name.

Here's the story in the odious Daily Mail (I've freezepaged it so the vile edifice doesn't get the benefit your clicks).

Monday 12 December 2011

Dodgy American beer names and images.

The aleheads.com website looks at "offensive" beer names and imagery in the US.

FWIW, Pumpclip Parade isn't really concerned with offensiveness, it's more to do with shiteness, for want of a better word.

Link here: http://aleheads.com/2011/07/26/most-offensive-beer-labels/

Christmas Turkeys

"Nervous Turkey" by Ossett Brewery, and "Mr Sno'balls" by Harviestoun.

Thanks to James Hunt at the Twin Farms pub in Newcastle.

Dorset Piddle Brewery – "Jimmy Riddle" and "Thunder Box Porter"

"Jimmy Riddle" and "Thunder Box Porter" by Dorset Piddle Brewery.

CAMRA Culprits

This image came attached to an email.

Hi guys

I know this is not a pumpclip, but it appeared in the CAMRA newspaper What's Brewing this month.  I think it is an illustration of why real ales and CAMRA sometimes get stereotyped.  I am an active member of xxxxxxx CAMRA branch and the people there are fantastic, I put a lot in and get a lot back, so I don't really want to chuck it in but things like this really make me wonder if the parent organisation is something I want to be giving money to.

PS great blog, I thoroughly agree and am fighting the cause too!