Tuesday 16 August 2011

We are not alone.

Many comments on the Guardian piece were along the lines of "if you're concerned about images you're shallow and easily led", "you have no sense of humour" and, to much hilarity from those who know me, "you are a North London Guardianista ponce."

So it's reassuring to see a brewer supporting our point of view: here is a post by Allgates Brewery.

Boak and Bailey covered the subject here.

And Mark Dredge has addressed the subject: links here and here.

The Allgates post has brought to my attention a marvellous American site about beer presentation, both good and bad. Link here: www.pourcurator.com.

Wednesday 10 August 2011

Houston's "Tartan Terror"

Houston's "Tartan Terror."

Hat-tip to Mark Jackson for the pic.

Cask Marque fails to rise above cheap sexism

An advert in "London Drinker".

Cask Marque should know better.

Hat-tip to @johnwest_journo for this one: "...it is an egregious example, coming as it does from an industry body and not, though tiresome, a 'mom & pop' brewer."

Thursday 4 August 2011

Brewdog "Front Brew"

Brewdog "Front Brew".

Yeah yeah yeah, we know it's edgy, ironic, whatever, but it's just shit.

Skinners (yet again) "Kate Loves Willy"

Skinner's "Kate Loves Willy".

Haworth Steam Brewery, "We may have our knockers but..."

An advertisement by Haworth Steam Brewery.

(Hat-tip to Yorkshire spotters Steven Pejica of www.aletalk.com, and Nick Mitchell)

Rudgate Brewery, "Builders [sic] Blonde"

Rudgate Brewery "Builders Blonde"

Batemans "Pink Wicket"

Batemans "Pink Wicket".

Yes, we know it's for charity. That doesn't let it off the hook. It's still rubbish.

(Hat-tip to Chris McBride)

Wednesday 3 August 2011

A supportive message

The Guardian Word of Mouth piece prompted a flurry of comments.

My entirely biased casual assessment was that about 2/3 backed the Pumpclip Parade position, and about 1/3 offered the tired and familiar defences "it's just a laugh", "you obviously have no sense of humour", "you're a politically-correct grim-up-North London censor of what you deem 'offensive'" and "good branding is brainwashing".

I was flattered by one particular comment that came as a Facebook message:
"Good on you, Jeff. I was starting to think that it was just me. I am not by any means a humourless man. But as someone who has pursued a true art and a profession, I am often embarrassed by the sexist, puerile way in which some British brewers portray themselves. I just don't get it. Thanks for speaking up!"
This came from the beer legend that is Garrett Oliver of the Brooklyn Brewery

I now feel inspired to create a new blog dedicated to the best beer branding. Brooklyn Brewery will of course be the first post.

Cheers Garrett!

Tuesday 2 August 2011