Friday 30 October 2009

Annual Grimace at the GBBF.

Why doesn't CAMRA just tell them to stop this?

It's just NOT FUNNY.

Alcohol played a large role in killing these people.

Fuzzy Duck Brewery - "Thumb Ducker"

Fuzzy Duck Brewery - "Thumb Ducker"

Oh Please!!: Coney Island "Albino Python"

Oh Please!

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This is doubly (dubbely seen as it's a beer!) poor throughout tortured visual pun Tick pneumatic babe tick shame as the art work is reminiscent of Bryan Talbot of Luther Arkwright fame. Seem to remember that beer was ok though.

Black Sheep Brewery "Funny" Beermat

If I was Stevie Wonder I'd sue for defamation and copyright infringement.

Shepherd Neame - "Bishop's Finger"

Shepherd Neame - "Bishop's Finger"

Oh, how we chortled. Not.

Nethergate Brewery - "Azzaskunk"

Nethergate Brewery -  "Azzaskunk"