Friday 3 December 2010

Ridgeway Brewing Co. - "Reindeer Droppings"

reindeer droppings

Another contender for our "Bad Santa" award. A real shame they went for a poo gag as the beer is quite good ,(If memory serves) it was a light beer with citrusy flavours and would be ideal to go with your Turkey come the 25th. I suppose we should be glad they avoided an actual comic depiction of the Reindeer dung being produced or similar.

Tuesday 2 November 2010

Swedish Blonde

Swedish Blonde by Maxim Brewery.

We feel sorry for this woman.

The Texas Frogspawn Massacre

The Texas Frogspawn Massacre by Toad Brewery.


Isn't that a picture of a frog rather than frogspawn?

Friday 8 October 2010

Cairngorm Brewery – Sheepshaggers Gold

Cairngorm Brewery – Sheepshaggers [sic] Gold.

Thanks to Andy Mogg for this one.

Vale of Glamorgan – Tiger Would


Tiger Would! Eh? Snurfle!

Thanks go to Caspar Gray (who spotted it on the Blood, Stout and Tears blog) and several other people for this spot.

Friday 10 September 2010

Fallen Angel Brewery

Fallen Angel Brewery. It's very hard to work out the beer's name. It must be something like "raised-a-catholic brewer's sex fantasy."

For the full horror of this brewery's pumpclips visit their website.

I rather like "smiling woman in her knickers about to shoot dogs." Make mine a pint.

Empire Brewing "Dog's Bollocks"

Empire Brewing "Dog's Bollocks".

Nick Stafford's Hambleton Ales "Horsing Around"

Nick Stafford's Hambleton Ales "Horsing Around."

LOL! ROFL! etc.

Sorry we've forgotten who submitted this one – thanks anyway!

Monday 12 July 2010

Piddle in a bottle

I was Invited along to Pete Brown's birthday bash and fishing around in his wonderfully generous ice bucket of beery remainders ,a real hotch potch of gems and lumps of solid green (one other bottle actually smelt of stagnant pond water) I fell upon this bottle.

Now the simple label may have won me over but well just because your brewery is the town of Piddle* ....

Sadly I was distracted (it was an excellent party) and didn't manage to drink any "piddle" but it seems they have a whole range of urine based beer names. Their seasonal beers are equally scatalogical so they seem determined to micturate over their good work producing "fruity winterberry finishes" and "light zingy floral and blackcurrent hop flavours"
* one can only imagine the horrors if they had opened up their brew house in Penistone, Wombwell or Twatt!

Thursday 1 July 2010

Stupidly, I looked at the Northumberland Brewery Website

Could the Northumberland Brewery have beaten the Hart Brewery to the title "The Worst Beer Branding in the UK"?

[Have a look at this for jaw-dropping gormlessness]

Get Summer This!

Northumberland Brewery "Summer Gold".

The brewery's website is worth a look (by masochists.)

Kudos to Andy Mogg for the picture.

Holden's Brewery - "Flo Jangles"

Holden's Brewery "Flo Jangles".

Thanks to Stuart Ross for the pic.

It seems Holdens might produce quite a range of atrocities – check here. Keep your eyes peeled.

Sunday 27 June 2010

C'mon Engerland! World Cup Football "Fun" with Pumpclip Parade

Thanks to Stoph McBride and Dave "Hardknott" Bailey for their commitment to atrocity-spotting.

And thank you very bloody much to Andy Mogg for making me go into Netto for the "Back of the Netto" pic.

Sunday 13 June 2010

Saturday 29 May 2010

Sunday 23 May 2010

Moles Brewery "Molegrip"

Moles Brewery "Molegrip"

Allgates "Caskablanka"

Sneakily, we rather like this one. At least a proper graphic designer has created it.

BUT that awful clunking wordplay just sucks.

Grafton Showman's Grog

"Showman's Grog" by the Grafton Brewing Company.

Batemans Miss Russia

Batemans "Miss Russia"

Tuesday 13 April 2010

Mighty Oak - Barbie Can

Just WTF is going on here is anyone's guess.

Whatever it is, it's a crock'o'shit.

Harviestoun Off-Piste

Off-Piste eh?


Piste sounds like Pissed!

But Off-Pissed doesn't make sense.

Pissed-off does.

Greene King Seasonal Clunkers

AlePril Fool eh?

Just who – I want names – gets any humour from this tortuous crock of punning shit?

Friday 19 March 2010

Skinner's Brewery - "Ginger Tosser"

Here's an abomination from Skinner's  Brewery – "Ginger Tosser".

Curiously, it would easy to conclude that some ginger had been tossed in the brew but, no, it's "made with Cornish honey."

Curioser, the cartoon chap appears to be wielding a frying pan. Presumably this is to suggest the tossing of pancakes.

What a fucking mess.

Warwickshire Beer Company - "Ffiagra"

"Ffiagra" by Warwickshire Beer Company.

Thanks to Ed Wray of for the image.

Sunday 28 February 2010

World's campest dog gets beer named in his honour

World campest dog get's beer named in his honour
Originally uploaded by bltphoto

Thought we'd have an example of good practice for a change. Also gives me a chance to big up one of the most pampered pooches around!
Naming beers after dogs has a long pedigree with dogs and pubs going even further back. So the occasional brew named in honour of the brewer's favourite hound is all to the good. This IPA from Kelham has a nice mocked up painted picture of the eponymous Captain (seemingly smoking a cheroot*)  on the clip and the IPA by all accounts is excellent too.
"We'll have another one please barman and have you got a bowl for wee lad here?"

* it's a dog chew actually - pig's pizzle ed

Star fact file: Captain is only his stage name he was demoted after being rescued and thrown into the showbiz spotlight he used to be a "Colonel"! FACT.

Jesus Christ!

Apparently this campaign was run the state of Meghalaya in India which is 70% Christian. By all accounts it didn't go down too well.