Thursday 28 July 2011

Slater's Top Totty

Yes, we do realise this has appeared before, but as this is such an excellent picture, and the previous post was the bottle version, so it's getting a post of its own.

Slater's "Top Totty".

Friday 22 July 2011

Anglo-Dutch Brewery "Tabatha The Knackered"

"Tabatha the Knackered" by Anglo-Dutch Brewery

Springhead "Rupert's Ruin"

Springhead "Rupert's Ruin"

As Rupert Murdoch has been in the news just a bit recently, a bit of topical newspaper-magnate baiting would be understandable. But no, what do we have here? Rupert Bear.

So what's it trying to say? The much-loved children's character Rupert Bear was afflicted by alcoholism, particularly a fondness for Springhead's beer?

Perhaps we are supposed to "geddit".

"Rupert eh, you think we mean the bear, but really it's Murdoch. Hur hur snurfle snurfle."

Nah, it's just bollocks. 

Skinner's Brewery "Cornish Knocker"

Skinner's Cornish Knocker.

Geddit? The bloke's got a cask hanging round his neck (is this possible?) and the tap is where his knob should be!

Perhaps I'm missing something.

British Beer Needs You! (But does British Beer need Wychwood?)

I recently visited the Abbey Inn in Leeds. Just inside the main entrance is a big display of Wychwood pumpclips kindly provided by the brewery.

This pub is well worth a visit – but, you have been warned!

[Thanksto @hardknottdave for the beer mat image. Thankfully Dave now gets it.]

Tuesday 5 July 2011