Thursday, 10 May 2012

Idle Brewery

Idle Brewery, "Idle Sod" and "Idle Tongue".

Spotted by James Howarth of the Mill, Ulverston.


  1. I don't see that these are particularly objectionable - they're quite droll in their own way.

  2. Not so much idle as lazy: with a brewery name like Idle (and the example of the famous Idle Working Men's Club) the onus is upon them to be clever rather than obvious. What about a double IPA with C-hops called American Idle? A session beer called Idle Chatter? A Belgian-style lambic called Idle Wild? A golden ale (or an Indian-style lager) called Yellow Idle? A Weiss beer called Billy Idle? An Alt (or Kolsch) called Idle Hans? (Note to Idle Brewery - my consultancy invoice is in the post.)

  3. Idleweiss surely?

    Idleweiss, Idleweiss
    You look hoppy to meet me