Tuesday, 4 January 2011

That'll be pigswill then....

In a funny way this sort of name which seems to be a weird aberration  in a seemingly normal range of beers is more distressing than a whole collection devoted to tortured puns and or random badly drawn single entendres, it's like seeing a wart on Winoa Ryder/George Clooney's face.
I found this porcine "gem" via the excellent Royal Albert pub down in New Cross, so it may well be a nice drop of ale but the asssociations with boiled up school dinners and 10 day old cabbage kinda puts me off trying it sadly.


  1. I had this in The Two Pigs in Corsham last June. I think it might be the house beer there, perhaps accounting for the name. Sadly the half I tried was pretty awful. They also had some local Box Steam Brewery beers though, which were lovely as well as having classy pumpclips.

  2. I don't see anything wrong with this one. Maybe some particular "phobia" of yours.

  3. erm it's called "pig swill" which last time I checked wasn't a cheery term of endearment. "How's the tea in canteen today?" "Oh the usual pig swill"...
    Although maybe Beerprole reviews shows it's well truthfully named .

  4. Unfortunately it's a bit of an insipid beer - with a name like that I'd have expected something a bit more down and dirty, with a bit of thickness to the body. Its actually a very tame amber ale, especially for 4%. If you've ever fed pigs its a bit like mushed up weetabix.

    Richard @theroyalalbert