Monday, 17 January 2011

Direct Beers - "Rosy Cheeks"

This mind boggling "treasure" comes from Direct beers who we've covered before; provocative "humorous" labels are their thing, they sell a "dog piss" beer.  This one however is just plain grim, I honestly don't care what people do at home spanking or otherwise, but this is  just verging on gruesome. I presume it's meant to be drank at home on your own as I don't know anyone who would sit at the same table as me if I uncorked one of these. Sad loners is niche market not normally targeted by brewers (it's not very aspirational) Direct seem to be still going so there seems to be a market for their wares.
update: I am surprised they didn't just call this one "Wife Beater" and be done!!!


  1. I seem to recall that the Firkin pubs had a Wifebeater ale...