Friday, 28 January 2011

So what DO you like? : an occasional series

Having posted lots of examples of the grimness of beer beer taps, I received a link to this page the other day and thought some examples of appealing  labels might be a good idea.

I appreciate they are not beer brands but the simplicity and pared down style of these cheese labels is to my mind attractive. I like the simple palates of colours, reminiscent of 1940's railway posters and the fact no one thought sticking a pair of suspenders on a cow would sell more cheese spread.

Oh and seeing as many beer labels are so poor maybe getting inspiration from elsewhere might be a good idea.


  1. Whatever happened to the Cheese Trumps brand?

    But seriously – some beautiful typography in that cheesy slideshow.

  2. Barry does looks a little embarassed to me......

  3. Wonder if can I use that to help German speakers pronounce my name, and stop calling me Berry. "Ah, you are ze Blackberry, no? Hahh hahh hahh"