Monday, 18 February 2013

Pilgrim Brewery - "Luperc Alia"

Pilgrim Brewery - "Luperc Alia".

Spotted by @hesterkw.


  1. I think it's Luperc Alia, after the (one word) Roman festival.

  2. "A well built she-wolf of a beer brewed with naked cereals to slake your thirst and satisfy your carnal instincts. Our seasonal "Alia" is brewed to drive out evil spirits and promote health and fertility. Lupercalia was held in the spring and regarded as a festival of purification and fertility. The festival traditionally involved the sacrifice of dogs and goats but we recommend you seek the advice of you local Health and Safety officer before undertaking the ritual. If you are considering a virgin sacrifice then our brewer, Dave can advise but suggests you organise this in plenty of time as there is a current shortage and imports are of variable quality." Pilgrim marketing for this seasonal beer