Wednesday, 3 August 2011

A supportive message

The Guardian Word of Mouth piece prompted a flurry of comments.

My entirely biased casual assessment was that about 2/3 backed the Pumpclip Parade position, and about 1/3 offered the tired and familiar defences "it's just a laugh", "you obviously have no sense of humour", "you're a politically-correct grim-up-North London censor of what you deem 'offensive'" and "good branding is brainwashing".

I was flattered by one particular comment that came as a Facebook message:
"Good on you, Jeff. I was starting to think that it was just me. I am not by any means a humourless man. But as someone who has pursued a true art and a profession, I am often embarrassed by the sexist, puerile way in which some British brewers portray themselves. I just don't get it. Thanks for speaking up!"
This came from the beer legend that is Garrett Oliver of the Brooklyn Brewery

I now feel inspired to create a new blog dedicated to the best beer branding. Brooklyn Brewery will of course be the first post.

Cheers Garrett!


  1. Whilst I agree that the branding of some breweries is dreadful, it's a shame that all the excellent branding (which probably makes up the majority)is seemingly ignored in favour of focusing on the negative.

    I suppose a blog just pointing out the good branding wouldn't make as interesting reading. Kind of like newspapers in that respect.

  2. i thought the proportions seemed the other way around, with 2/3 seeming to go for the 'just a laugh' excuse.

    on the subject of the possible corrolation between crap beer and crap pumpclips, i notice that the list of winners from the GBBF doesn't include any naff names - there are a few puns/wordplay examples which is fine i think (and a couple of the breweries are offenders with other beers not on the list)

  3. Brooklyn Brewery is a great example of the combination of fantastic branding and great beer that makes it truly world class. And meeting Garrett there on a tour just topped it off, a true gentleman!