Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Otter Brewery "Head"

A promotional sticker by Otter Brewery .

Hat-tip to the Bridge Inn at Dulverton.


  1. And get a slap. Or, maybe, some kind of court injunction.

  2. But it’s a great beer so I would just ignore it and get drinking, life’s too short to worry about so rubbish

  3. Having 'The Otters Head' is surely a contender for the Viz Profanisaurus?

  4. Adrian, life's also probably too short to worry about sexism being embedded in advertising, in products, in the media? These things may be minor on their own, but the use of small instances of casual sexism throughout our society really does contribute to women being exploited or discriminated against in many areas, and treated as second class citizens. I know some men would have it that I am imagining this or exaggerating, but that's because it suits their patriarchal society. I for one won't be buying this beer.

  5. This is not sexism, it's sexual innuendo. (Most) people are sexual beings - therefore sexual innuendos exist. Learn to use it to your advantage rather than trying to change human nature. Trying to change human nature is a quest bound to fail...

    1. Of course it's sexist. The advert assumes a male client demanding the sexual services of a female server. I'm assuming Otter are specifically trying to turn off female drinkers. Or or they to demand "Head" from the barmaid? OK, I worked in a pub in the 1990s and was frequently told to "make sure I gave good head" etc etc etc by men. How I laughed at this sophisticated sexual pun designed to make me squirm. Well, I often did laugh, because who likes a prude behind a bar anyway and I wouldn't have wanted to lose my job. I had hoped times had moved on