Monday, 11 April 2011

Rock and Hops

Much like good beer in restaurants, an article about beer in the Guardian is sadly a rare thing, so kudos to Dave Simpson (one of their music writers) for this round up of Rock music themed beer names/labels

The list includes Revolutions brewery from Leeds whose every beer is rock themed. Special reissue beers tie in with notable rock anniversaries.

The other thing of note is that several of them relate to The Fall which is ironic firstly because Mark E Smith probably loathes your classic stereotypical Camra member real ale aficionado more than Half Man Half Biscuit do, and secondly because M.E.S. is your typical 50 something who started drinking lager in the seventies. Holsten for preference, if memory serves.

Update: Also appears in paper version of G2 as a nice two-page spread.


  1. Blimey, I haven't heard half man half biscuit since I was at school. Are they still going?

  2. Yep, and in IMO they are getting better with each new lp. Check out probably the best folk song of the new century "bad loser on yahoo chess" that or "Joy Division oven gloves"