Thursday, 1 July 2010

Stupidly, I looked at the Northumberland Brewery Website

Could the Northumberland Brewery have beaten the Hart Brewery to the title "The Worst Beer Branding in the UK"?

[Have a look at this for jaw-dropping gormlessness]


  1. Oh I think so. At 13, I think Northumberland's mental age is at least 3 years lower than Hart's.

  2. I think the Portman Group should turn their attentions to these brewers with shameful branding, should'nt there be some sort of minimum standard?? christ!

  3. Why d'you miss "Roger the Cabin Boy"? I've always thought the idea of non-consensual s*d*my of m1n0rs was crying out to be celebrated on a pump clip. Well done Northumberland.

  4. just seen "Fairies Liquid" which is just frankly odd , what liquid do they mean?

  5. (the current Northumberland Brewery link needs adjusting - remove html/regular_9.html from the hyperlink. I simply refuse to drink 'Fnar Fnar' '+Rape-sexual violence' or '+Fascism' beers.)

    Whilst Northumberland continue in the Rubbish Graphics-Saucy Postcard nonsense, Hart have had a change of heart (geddit? we can all do pubbish running!) - maybe it was sometime ago but I only just discovered your blog via The Independent website

    I followed links to Hart's current website

    ... and perhaps your principled stance (or rather the negative publicity, fully deserved) has had a positive effect: a total absence of misogynistic, soft porn rubbishness!!! Well done!

    Dave (currently in Cork)