Friday, 19 March 2010

Skinner's Brewery - "Ginger Tosser"

Here's an abomination from Skinner's  Brewery – "Ginger Tosser".

Curiously, it would easy to conclude that some ginger had been tossed in the brew but, no, it's "made with Cornish honey."

Curioser, the cartoon chap appears to be wielding a frying pan. Presumably this is to suggest the tossing of pancakes.

What a fucking mess.


  1. Apparently it does have a hint of ginger according to the tasting notes for the Wandsworth Beer Festival but the problem is the name for me.

    I hate names which are awkward to ask for in a pub, this is the sort of beer where they will have another ginger beer on if they have this so you can't say 'Could I have a pint of Ginger please.'

  2. It was brewed for the annual pancake races in Truro. Hence the 'tosser' element.